Gary Wertheimer

Founder / Captain Planet

It’s not all work-work and it’s not all play-play

Rethinking how work gets done

Gary is a serious multitasker with a serious sense of humour.
A South African import, he is a juggling extraordinaire unsure which team to back in Rugby, and whether to be a fulltime city slicker or a country farmer.

Gary’s balancing act sees him effectively split his time between Exchange Workspaces and GIW Environmental Solutions, his consultancy firm in the sustainability sector of the building industry.

A Note From Gary

Challenging convention and embracing change to make a difference today for a better tomorrow is what culminated in the birth of Exchange Workspaces. Rewinding back to 2012, this was prime time for coworking. I have always sought to meet present market needs, while anticipating solutions to future problems. With agility, I am always on the quest to find the answers to the questions that have not even been asked. Rethinking how work gets done is on repeat. Always.

Fast forward to 2022, our offerings now include renovated swish boardrooms, meeting rooms, private and virtual offices. After one PTSD inducing pandemic, mindsets shifted at micro and macro levels with unprecedented speed. Our jazzed-up menu was ready long before lockdowns were nightmares of the past.

Our space gives businesses cost-efficient flexibility and provides an office away from home. To put it simply, Exchange Workspaces is the host and mechanism for adaptation. Every business is developing a system that meets varying needs – myself included. There is no right or wrong.

A dreamer in every sense, I have sought to not only build a space, but create a community. I have invested time and energy exploring innovative ways to create a space that is a cultural hub for connection, in a building that serves as a hallmark for urban environmental efficiency.

Exchange Workspaces is my very own built environment. It is a physical man-made structure that brings people together in an adaptive reuse of an 1890s building, redeveloped with sustainability front of mind.

Office design is based on research of human-centric behaviours, needs and an innate desire for connection. There is no single wall, table or room that has not been thoughtfully placed or considered from a productive and sustainable angle.

It has been a journey and one that continues. Come visit!