At Exchange Workspaces we believe that the spaces that we dwell in have the potential to motivate us, inspire us and cultivate our creativity. We rethought standard, stuffy office environments and created urban spaces where like-minded people can come together and grow.

Our Values


Grow your business through co-working independently and collaboratively.


Get inspired by the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge and skills.


Interact and connect with our community through shared workspaces, workshops and events.


Contribute to the well-being and strength of the community by supporting social enterprise, employing locals and facilitating ‘inclusive’ social activities.


Support sustainable practices through carbon neutral operations, bicycle storage facilities, public transportation and recycling.

Our Values


What is co-working? +

When you join a co-working space, you work independently with flexibility at your computer, on long desks in an open plan office. Though you conduct your own business, you sometimes collaborate with other members on specific projects. In sharing the space,you benefit from the exchange of ideas and skills through networking with differing different industry sectors. You build meaningful relationships, exchange knowledge and share skills rather than working in isolation.

Where do I sit? +

Members have numerous seating options available to them. Permanent desk spaces are available for resident members. All members can utilise the lounges, breakout spaces and the communal table as required needed.

When can I access the workspace? +

24/7. Reception facilities are available 9:00am – 5:30pm. All members have a secure entry card.

Can I invite clients to a space for a meeting? +

Of course. Depending on location, there are formal meeting spaces, boardrooms, and floating tables where meetings can be held.

Are there any quiet areas? +

This is an open plan office, space so expect the rumblings of a vibrant and uplifting space. There is,however, an expectation that a level of professionalism and decorum within the formal office work area will be maintained during office hours.